HUSCO Automotive has grown to be a global leader in the development and manufacture of hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls for automotive applications. Throughout the years, HUSCO has grown and innovated in a number of ways. The following timeline introduces you to some of the more important milestones in the company’s history.

2012 – Piston Cooling Jet Control

HUSCO international integrated into their portfolio piston cooling jet control technology.  Cooling jets spray oil into the bottom of an engines’ pistons to cool today’s higher compression engines to increase fuel efficiency and longevity.

2011 – Transmissions/ Drivetrain

By 2011 the technology advancements at HUSCO was increasing more than ever. Bringing their latest technology to the market: transmission and drivetrain control valves. These control valves allow for fine control of the vehicle’s powertrain which allows for greater fuel efficiency and smoother operation.

2011 – Austin Ramirez

Replaces his father, becoming CEO of HUSCO International. Ramirez graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Systems Engineering then to Stanford Graduate School of Business in Palo Alto, California. After finishing his studies, Ramirez returned to the family business where he worked in a number if increasing roles at HUSCO before becoming CEO.

2010 – Variable Turbocharger Control

With continued growth in mind, HUSCO added Variable Turbocharger control technology to its portfolio of solutions. Variable turbocharging is designed to allow the effective aspect ratio of the turbo to be altered as driving conditions change. This increases the effectiveness range of the turbo’s efficiency.

2008 – Cylinder Deactivation/Cam Profile Switching

  • Cylinder deactivation allows the number of pistons used to change according to driving situations. Fuel consumption and emission can be reduced by 8 to 25% in highway conditions.
  • Cam Profile Switching (CPS) allows for different valve lift and cam durations to operate on an engine. CPS benefits the driver by improving engine torque or fuel economy when the driver commands it

2008 –  Variable Oil Pump Control

HUSCO international delivers its first variable oil pump control solution. It allows the engine to reduce the pump’s use when not necessary and increase it in high demand situations. Variable oil pump control can increase fuel efficiency by 2-5%.


2008 – Iowa Facility Opened

Due to increasing growth, HUSCO opened the Iowa facility to support key off-highway customers located in the region.

2007 – India Facility Opened

HUSCO India main focus is to improve and innovate regionally-focused OEM equipment through research and development. Its facility also provides sales, engineering, manufacturing and R&D- machine tuning and development on site.

2006 – Exhaust after Treatment

HUSCO international introduced its exhaust after treatment control technology. Its benefit comes from the reduction in engine operating temperatures to decrease NOx formation in hotter engines.

2005 – Convertible Top Actuation/EPRVs

  • The first generation of EPRVs were created internally at HUSCO international for the off highway marker.
  • Moveable convertible top assembly designed with HUSCO engineered cartridge valves for precision activation

2004 – Fuel Control Technology

Fuel control innovations from HUSCO International allowed OEMs the ability to direct or regulate the behavior of an engine’s fuel system performance at a greater level. The technology increases engine fuel efficiency through better managing fuel use for different driving situations.

2001 – EHPV Suspension

HUSCO developed a more sophisticated suspension for the off- highway market. HUSCO EHPV’s offer a completely programmable semi-active solutions for proven field and roading control. The Electro-Hydraulic Poppet Valve is utilized for flow control in hydraulic machinery. Their characteristics establish considerable advantages relative to other valves.

2001 – China Facility Opened

The mission for HUSCO’s Asian headquarters based in Shanghai, P.R.C. is to support and develop the regional customer base through localized supply chain, purchasing, product and application engineering team, and a strong sales force that work directly with the customer. HUSCO China has the capacity to test and analyze machines, as well to manufacture highly refined hydraulic control solutions for your applications.

2000 – Cam Phasing and Variable Value Timing Controls

HUSCO International’s first creation for the automotive market was the Cam Phasing and Variable Timing control products. Both cam phasing and variable valve timing alters the timing of an engine’s valve train. Helping to improve performance, fuel economy, and reduce emissions. Individually, each technology can reduce fuel consumption by 1 to 6 %.

1985 – HUSCO International Inc. established

In late 1985 Agustin Ramirez led a management buyout of HUSCO. He believed that separating HUSCO from AMCA and allowing the company to market its products to other major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of off-highway equipment was the key for international growth.

1984 – UK Facility Opened

While still part of AMCA International the HUSCO management team established HUSCO UK for the main purpose of providing a localized headquarters in Europe. The HUSCO facility in the UK specializes in manufacturing, sales, engineering, and R&D – machine tuning and development on site. High quality products are delivered from the manufacturing facility in the UK to all parts of Europe and Western Asia.

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