At HUSCO Automotive, we engineer and manufacture custom products for OEMs worldwide. Our product range includes a wide spectrum of solenoids actuators and electro-hydraulic solenoid valves for a variety of vehicle applications. We produce solenoid valves in both low and high pressure configurations for both in-engine and everywhere else in an automobile.

Our products are used in such applications as:

Exhaust After-Treatment
Fuel Delivery
Variable Turbochargers
Coolant Control 
Automanual Transmissions (AMT)
Torque Vectoring
Advanced Suspension
Cam Profile Switching
Cam Phasing / Variable Timing (VVT)
Variable Oil Pump control
Piston Cooling Jets
Cylinder Deactivation


Our Technologies

To meet the increasing demands for improved fuel economy, increased performance and reduced emissions, we design, engineer and manufacture a number of solutions applying our extensive knowledge as a high volume producer of electro-hydraulic control valves and solenoids.

Our largest market is in cam phasing and this year we will produce over 10 million proportional valves and variable force solenoids for a variety of global customers.

Variable engine oil pump control is provided to a variety of customers for both gasoline and diesel engines in both On/Off and proportional valves.

HUSCO products are designed to meet specific customer needs for any application.

For more information contact us or download our capabilities brochure!

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