World Class Operations

HUSCO Automotive continues to expand its production capabilities around the world. We are moving into emerging markets to be close to our customers and provide the on-demand service they need. We have production facilities located in North America, Europe, India and China, as well as partners in South America, Korea, Australia and Japan. Our network of facilities are local points for world-wide sourcing, insuring a globally competitive supply base for our customers.

In addition to providing production capabilities on several continents, these plants are fully staffed with supplier development resources. We also maintain extensive quality labs for inspection and analysis at all locations

To provide our customers with an extra layer in quality and trust, regional manufacturing processes data and final test results are monitored and controlled on-line using automated testing and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Automated equipment producing tens of millions of valves annually to our customers around the globe.

Customized equipment to produce product designed to meet specific customer needs.


Our Process

Our concept-through-production capability is focused on providing cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise from product development through production. Our modeling and simulation expertise provides initial insight into production, performance capabilities, allowing us to optimize designs for unique performance requirements. Using these tools, we are able to work closely with the customer on “what if” scenarios as they develop their systems.

Design Capabilities

Our modeling capabilities, in conjunction with our test labs, allow us to develop and evaluate robust solutions that meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry. HUSCO’s on-site testing capabilities include a wide range of performance and durability stands, data acquisition equipment, contamination testing and environmental chambers. Chances are HUSCO has the testing scenario you need.

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